Kalhkoff Groove G7 2017 Review

   So E-Bikes. To the hardcore cyclist that graces our roads geared up to the teeth with a Garmin, Sis Gels and the rest think it’s pointless having an E-Bike as you don’t really have to put much effort into it and still reach good speeds. I ride single speed to commute and generally getting about, I thought the same if I’m perfectly honest, the price tags on a E-Bike you could get a second hand car or a motorbike. This is very true though as they range from £900 and up if you want a decent one with good range and power.

   I was able to test ride the Kalhkoff Groove G7 2017 today while at work, and you know what my mind changed? The seating was strange for me first of all as I normally ride in a racing position, but this is very upright but it was surprisingly comfortable. The sensation of doing little pedalling was extremely weird at first but getting used to it, so I can understand why they are becoming popular with certain riders. It was fun extremely fun at that.

   My first time riding a E-Bike I enjoyed it very comfortable Selle Bassano Volare saddle with a suspension seatpost for extra comfort, brilliant for the pot holed filled London streets, a long with the SR Suntour CR-7V forks dating back to 2013 work pretty well. With its 60km range when the Groove li-Ion 36 V is full (take consideration wind, climbs and which of the three assist settings there is to choose). It is a good commuter bike in general. E-Bikes do have some weight to them because of the battery that is stationed above the rear wheel and the engine in the center, luckily this has walk assist which doesn’t drain the battery.

  My only main criticism with this bike is because it can reach good speeds, Disc Brakes are needed just for stopping power. Also with the price tag being £1,159.00 it may be wise to spend a little more to get better components. It comes with a Shimano Nexus shifter which isn’t terrible at all but for the price I’d personal want more for the money.

  Overall for a entry level E-Bike it is great, if you love cycling and find it difficult keeping up with friends that cycle a lot, or love cycling but maybe age or injuries prevent you from getting a unassisted bike, the for you E-Bikes are what you need.


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